• Eclipse Doubles Outdoor Viewability

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Eclipse Doubles Outdoor Viewability

The Ultimate Screen Protector

Clear Display in Any Condition

Making The Best Display Better

Redefines the way you view your display

Eclipse is uncompromising in quality

Using patented plasma technology, Eclipse consists of Silicon Nitride - among hardest materials on Earth - behind only Diamond and on par with Sapphire - bringing the most durable, scratch resistant anti-reflective coating to your daily life. Eclipse is proudly Made in USA at our plant in sunny Tucson, Arizona. 

Leading Industry Experts Love The Eclipse

"… the Eclipse almost doubles Display Contrast in ambient light, which significantly improves image and picture contrast and screen readability. This is a major display technology development for smartphones."

Raymond S. - DisplayMate Technology

"It's amazing and I'm going to keep it for future screen protector. Screen is really better. For real, it feels sharper"

Lian O.

"My wife dropped her phone when we were out hiking and Eclipse saved the day. Great work!"

Brett F.

"At my son's swimming practice and watching basketball on my phone. The display improvement is substantial. Good job mate."

Joel K.

Take Eclipse with you

Going on an adventure? Share with us photos of your experience for bragging rights and discount to take Eclipse with you and your friends.


Simple Installation